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Do I need to book and pay for kayaks?

All kayaks will be supplied by the event organizers and paid for in advance. This will include life jackets, paddles, bailer and all safety gear that is required. Your kayak will be ready for you and your team on race day at your assigned start time.

What sort of bike do I need?

Any type of mountain bike will be adequate. Road bikes will not work as their tires are not appropriate for the terrain. A hybrid will work as long as it is equiped with mountain bike tires. While the course is not highly technical, it is challenging with uphill segments. If you do not have one, a friend may gladly lend theirs to help you meet this challenge. All bikes should be taken in for a safety check at least 1 week prior to the event. A bike mechanic will be on site at the kayak to bike transition.

Where can I find the pledge form?

You can download the pledge form here.

What if I cannot meet the pledge minimum?

We are sure that if you start now, the minimum is absolutely attainable. We will monitor everyone’s progress as time goes on and suggest ways to increase activity and pledging should you come up against a snag. If all of your friends and contacts sent your email to all their friends and contacts…the sky is the limit. Social media is an incredible tool or you can collect using a pledge sheet, downloadable from the website. 50 people at $20 each will do it. Don’t forget about the businesses at which you spend your money! They would often be happy to support you. We are also here to help you reach the goal and can be contacted at any time: ac@innovativefitness.com

Can people pledge by cheque or cash?

Yes, they absolutely can. Please send the cheques (payable to Physical Literacy for All) or cash, to us directly, along with a pledge sheet outlining all the details of both you and the donors. If you wish, simply issue one cheque to Sport For Life from yourself and include the breakdown of the donors on the pledge sheet so that we may issue tax receipts to them.

Do I need to have someone to carry my gear from stage to stage?

Absolutely not. The transition area is centrally located at Rocky Point Park. As the kayak to bike transition is at Old Orchard Park, all racers should ensure that they have a labeled rubbermaid with their bike at that location. Once you have left on your bike, we will move your rubbermaid to the transition area at Rocky Point Park. Both Bike and Run end there. All your gear can be set out and ready for each stage and you can set it all up prior to the race commencing. You can store your transition food there and water will be supplied. The area is secure and will have volunteers on hand to assist.

How should I decide which course to do?

This will depend on your experience. If you have never done an event like this before, the short course is recommended, this way you will not be over doing it and deter your desire to challenge yourself again next year!

When is the training and how is it set up?

Training can be done by each team at a convenient time on the course itself, or in an area/water body of their choice. There will be planned group training brick sessions on the course in the 3 weeks prior to the event. This will allow you a full trial run in preparation for race day. Check the website for updates on the schedule.

Can I race with a team and how does that work?

This event is laid out for teams of 2 or 4 to participate together. All team members must clear the checkpoints together to ensure the team component is preserved. A team of 2 is asked to meet the minimum pledge amount of $1500 and a team of 4, $3000, in order to compete. How the event is completed is less important than the hope that everyone have fun, challenge themselves and raise the maximum funds possible for the Sport for Life and I AM SOMEONE!

What do I do with pledges not donated online? Who is the cheque payee?

If you have donors wishing to donate by cheque or cash, simply download the pledge form from the Adventure Challenge webpage and complete a line fully for each donor. Cheques should be payable to Physicall Literacy for All. Any that are payable to you should be negotiated by you and a bulk cheque can then be issued to Sport For Life from you for the total of all individual amounts. You may then forward the pledge sheet and donations to us directly as you receive them, or all at once near the end of May. Please mail them to our address : Innovative Fitness, 2080 west 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 2B3 re: Adventure Challenge.

When and where is the training?

Please check the website for updates on group training sessions or contact one of the Innovative Fitness locations to join one of their group training days in your community.

How will I know my start time?

You will be notified about your start time approximately one month prior to the event.

What other gear do I need?

There will be a comprehensive gear list available on the website for the entire team. All teams will need to ensure that this list is fulfilled as there will be a gear check at the start and on the course itself.

How long does each course take to do complete?

The Short Course takes approximately: 1 hour to Kayak / 1.5 hours to Bike / 1 hour to Run.

The Long Course takes approximately: 1.5 hours to Kayak / 2.5 hours to Bike / 1.5 hours to Run.


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